Charity Fund of Kateryna Kuhar Renaissance of Ballet Art | Grand Kyiv Ballet
o save the future of Ukrainian ballet.
To save the oldest ballet training institution KSBC.

“Great nations write their history primarily in the book of art. Ukrainian Ballet – a business card of Ukrainian culture”.

KSBC is the only state center for classical ballet training in Ukraine. Since its founding in 1934, the Ballet School has made a tremendous contribution to our rich dance heritage, producing dancers of international fame for generations.

Among the students are IIryna Dvorovenko, Denys Matviienko, Alina Kozhukaru, Oleksandr Stoianov, Ivan Putrov, and these are just some of them. All of them worthily represent Ukrainian ballet both abroad and in their motherland.

Children at the College study at state expense, students who really have great talent and potential come here.

Despite a decent history and the presence of world ballet stars, which are brought up within the walls of the College, we have the other side of the coin – material and technical condition.
The building in which classes are held and children live – has been functioning for 80 years. Unfortunately, since the independence of Ukraine, the institution has not been fully renovated. Time goes on and if the College doesn’t start rebuilding now, it will be finally destroyed by time.

With the arrival of a new head – Kateryna Khuhar – in 2021, design and estimate documentation was developed and overhaul began. However, due to the war, funding for the renovation of the College at state expense has been suspended due to the war. If the repair work is not started right now, children will not be able to return to full-fledged education from September 1.

Valuable teaching staff, talented children will be lost and we will not be able to preserve one of the treasures of national culture – UKRAINIAN BALLET!