Charity | Grand Kyiv Ballet
Charity during the war

From the first days of the war, the team of the Ukrainian ballet troupe "Grand Kyiv Ballet" being led by the director Alexander Stoyanov has held a lot of charity tours in different countries:

- In March 2022, in France, charitable performances were held, thanks to them they were able to raise funds for the purchase of a medical car, which was donated to the Lviv region. Also in March, Oleksandr Stoianov and Kateryna Kuhar took part in a charity gala concert in support of Ukraine at the Opera National de Paris, all proceeds from ticket sales were raised, 300,000 euros were collected, sent by Alliance Urgences Ukraine.

- In April, the charity "Solidarity Tour" in support of Ukraine with the play Giselle, took place in 16 cities of Norway. During the Tour we managed not only to raise a significant amount of money for Ukrainian children, but also to tell the real truth about the war in Ukraine.

- In May, the ballet danced in 9 cities of Sweden, where funds were also raised to support Ukraine.

Also, at each performance the issue of Ukraine's security is discussed as we meet with the government officials and talk about the war in Ukraine..

Grand Kyiv Ballet continues to develop and capture the hearts of spectators all over the world.

President and First Lady of Ukraine Volodymyr and Olena Zelensky

King of Norway Harald V

Queen and Prince of Sweden: Sylvia and Carl Philip

Bundestag Vice President Katrin GöringEckardt with artists

President ofIceland at the performance of the Grand Kyiv Ballet