Romeo and Juliet | Grand Kyiv Ballet
Romeo and Juliet

There are some stories which should live forever.
“Romeo and Juliet” ballet is one of them. It is great in every single way.

Libretto based on William Shakespeare’s tragedy of the same name. Music, penetrating into the very depths of the heart, allows you to forget about the tireless city rhythm.

“Romeo and Juliet” performed by Alexandr Stoianov, flying over the stage, and gentle, weightless Ekaterina Kukhar – like a hymn to the love of Shakespeare’s heroes.
Every viewer believes and empathizes with their quivering youthful love. Together with them, you can live and feel the tragic story of two lovers who suffered from the enmity of their families.

It might be interesting to know that Shakespeare put a certain meaning into characters names: Romeo – from the Latin “pilgrim”, Shakespeare most likely used it as “pilgrim of love”.

If Tybalt has a passion for fighting, then Romeo has a passion for love. About Juliet herself he said: “A dove between jackdaws.” This performance attracts attention not only with the beauty of the dance and scale, but also with its symbolism, double interpretations, riddles and encrypted meanings. It is important that the production contains not only a romantic line, but also vivid episodes of the struggle of militant families.