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Carmen Suite


Carmen Suite is a masterpiece of world ballet. The story of the tragic fate of the gypsy Carmen and the soldier Jose, who is endlesly in love with her, whom she leaves for the sake of the young Torero. A love triangle that ends in tragedy will not leave you unconcerned.



The content of Prosper Mérimée’s novella, revealed in the opera in four acts, in ballet fits harmoniously into one. The ballet dancer Maya Plisetskaya stood at the origins of the concept of the ballet based on the opera Carmen. or her, the Cuban choreographer Alberto Alonso composed the libretto and choreography of the Carmen Suite, and her husband and composer Rodion Shchedrin wrote the transcription for the ballet Carmen Suite.



Ballet dancers about their characters:

Ekaterina Kukhar: “The image of Carmen carries a challenge!” A challenge to men, to women, to fate itself. This is the head of the main character proudly raised, as if she confidently says: “I’m right, even if I’m wrong. I live the way I feel!” Carmen can love like she’ll never leave. But the next day, she can leave like she never loved. Carmen in ballet is an excellent technique with clear movements, with sharp modern choreographic plasticity. This is an emphasis on the hands, as if Carmen herself says: “Look at my hands! For your own safety!”. This is a fiery temperament and a high degree of passion. It’s as if there should be a fire on stage and the sparks from it should reach the audience.”

Oleksandr Stoianov: “My character is a romantic, soldier Jose, who is seduced by the devilish Carmen. He can’t control his emotions and falls in love with her. But love only brings him disappointment. Jose is torn apart by two passions – lust and despair, which push him to kill Carmen.”


Libretto: Alberto Alonso based on the novel by Prosper Mérimée “Carmen”

Choreography: Alberto Alonso


Music by: Georges Bizet and Rodion Shchedrin.