Children of the Night | Grand Kyiv Ballet
Children of the Night

The premiere of the neoclassical ballet “Children of the Night” took place in 2018. Choreographer-director Oleksandr Abdukarimov created the play, inspired by the love and dance of Oleksandr Stoianovand Katerina Kukhar.

  Children of the Night  

The ballet is based on the ancient Greek legend about Androgynes, mythical creatures who once had two pairs of arms and legs, two faces on one head, but for disobedience, Zeus punished them and divided them into two parts – male and female. Since then, each of the particles is forced to look for its mate.

The phrase “Find your soulmate” appeared thanks to this legend. No one touched this topic in ballet before. The legend is told with accompanied by musical motifs of famous and prominent composers.


People’s Artist of Ukraine Oleksandr Stoianov: “Children of the night are creatures that appear from the darkness of the night – they are human fears and doubts that try to seduce a loving couple in the darkest times of the day. These are the obstacles that are encountered on the way in the life of any couple.” These are the obstacles that are encountered on the way in the life of any couple.”


People’s Artist of Ukraine Katerina Kukhar: “Ballet about how two loving hearts go through emotional trials. About whether they will be able to find and feel their soulmate, or whether they will be able to resist temptations. In the first act, the heroes find their soulmates and must pass the tests prepared for them by the children of the night. However, in the second act, they meet a powerful creature with incredible energy – the Seer. He is both God and Demon, the one who rules the children of the night and wants to separate two loving hearts because he is afraid of losing his power. The Seer is afraid that Androgyne, by his example, will be able to plant a seed of hope in people’s souls, and they will find the strongest and at the same time fragile feeling that exists on Earth.”


In the first act, the artists dance to the music of Antonio Vivaldi and Max Richter’sFour Seasons“, in the second – Philip Glass, Cliff Martinez, Arvo Pärt.


Choreography and staging: Oleksandr Abdukarimov

Music by: Antonio Vivaldi, Max Richter, Philip Glass, Cliff Martinez, Arvo Pärt


The performance will be performed using a soundtrack.