Nutcracker | Grand Kyiv Ballet



Date: December 18, 2023

Time: 19:00

Country: Norway Norway

Venue: Parken Kulturhus

Location: Google Maps

Duration: 2 hours (20 minutes intermission)

Tickets: 495KR - 595KR

The Grand Kyiv Ballet actors, who are leading Ukrainian ballet dancers and have represented it with dignity over the last five years on the world’s leading stages, take part in the performance.

The Nutcracker is a ballet by Pyotr Tchaikovsky with a libretto by Marius Petipa, based on the story “The Nutcracker and the Mouse King” by E. T. A. Hoffmann. It was created and first presented to the public in 1892. In Hoffmann’s fairy tale, the girl’s name is Mary (the main character), and her favorite doll is Clara. Marius Petipa used exactly this for his libretto.

Act one: On the eve of Christmas, guests begin to gather at Doctor Stahlbaum’s house. His children, Mary and Fritz, are waiting for presents along with other children. The last guest to arrive is Drosselmeyer, Mary’s godfather and, coincidentally, a magician. His ability to bring toys to life both fascinates and frightens the children. The godfather presents Mary with a Nutcracker. The celebration ends, and the guests dance a farewell dance. Mary returns  to her room and hugs the Nutcracker.

Then, the action moves into Mary’s dream. The walls of her room slide apart, the Christmas tree begins to grow, and the decorations come to life. The Mouse King and his army of mice appear. The Nutcracker, together with his soldiers, fiercely fights and defeats the Mouse King. The Nutcracker transforms into a Prince.

Act two. Mary and the Prince, along with the dolls that came to life, rejoice, celebrate, and dance under the starry sky next to the fantastically beautiful Christmas tree. Around them, it’s snowing heavily. Spanish, Chinese, Arab, and Slavic dolls dance in the joy of the victory over the Mouse King, who identified with evil. Everyone is getting ready for Mary and the Prince’s wedding. Drosselmeyer appears and everything changes around again. Mary wakes up and has Nutcracker in her arms.

Nutcracker is a beautiful, intelligent, and relevant fairy tale! This is a fairy tale where dreams are able to change the life, where good triumphs over evil, where kindness turn the world for the better.

By performing this ballet, the Grand Kyiv Ballet Company also does good. Because part of the money received during the tours will be spent on restoring the Main Ballet Academy of Ukraine and repairing the children’s dormitory.

By buying a ticket to this show, you will make a wonderful gift to yourself, your children, and grandchildren. Touching the Nutcracker fairy tale will bring an unforgettable experience. And the good of Christmas night will be continued!

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