Forest Song April 19 2024 | Grand Kyiv Ballet

Forest Song April 19 2024


Date: April 19, 2024

Time: 19:00

Country: Denmark Denmark

Venue: Slagelse Theatre

Location: Herrestræde 9, 4200 Slagelse

Duration: 2 hours (20 minutes intermission)

In April 2024, Grand Kyiv Ballet will present one of Ukraine’s most beautiful ballets, Forest Song, in Scandinavia. The skill and elegance of the dancers from Grand Kyiv Ballet never fail to touch the audience. The artists of Grand Kyiv Ballet perform on stages in theaters across Europe, America, and Australia.
Forest Song is a legendary ballet that has been a masterpiece of Ukrainian choreography for over 75 years. This ballet pays tribute to the emotions of romanticism and the purity of classical ballet technique. It has become part of the golden fund of Ukrainian musical culture. The ballet is based on the play of the same title, Forest Song (1911), by Ukrainian writer Lesya Ukrainka, who played a significant role in the revival of national heritage and culture.

The tender and lyrical music by Ukrainian composer Mykhailo Skorulsky was written for the ballet in 1936. However, the premiere took place in 1946. The music is infused with romantic inspiration and reflects folkloric elements and the description of nature through the language of music. Forest Song is a charming tale of love between the forest fairy Mavka and a young man named Lukash. The worlds of humans and nature interact, and love, betrayal, despair, and the impossibility of forgetting the magical moment of love unfold. It tells the story of how a person’s fate changes when they lose contact with nature and cease to hear its voices. It is the story of the fearless and brave Mavka, who strives for peace in her own world, just as Ukraine is fighting for freedom and peace on its land today.

The relationship between Mavka and Lukash develops gradually and coincides with the changes in the seasons. Just like in Lesya Ukrainka’s play, spring is the beginning of Lukash and Mavka’s acquaintance and relationship. Summer represents the flourishing of their love and the fertility of the Ukrainian land. Autumn symbolizes Lukash’s betrayal as he marries another woman. In winter, Mavka and Lukash die, and their souls meet in the world of eternity. The ballet features numerous mythological characters from Ukrainian fairy tales that have been imagined by popular folklore in ancient forests and vast fields. Working on the ballet, Mykhailo Skorulsky created a true anthem to living nature and pure love. This theme of the dialogue between humans and nature has not only remained relevant but has also reached a whole new level. The ballet is filled with intricate duets, spins, fouettés, pirouettes, and incredible choreographic patterns. Legends of enchanted forest creatures seem to come to life on stage and are woven into the magical movements of the dancers.

Every detail in the performance works together to create a true fairytale experience for adults and children.

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